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"Dawn writes with great sensitivity to both the cared for and the carer. She shares her own personal journey with honesty and yet with dignity in a way that will help anyone caring for another to find ways to embrace life, despite its many and varied challenges. This book is easy to read and engaging and will bring hope and encouragement to carers walking this challenging and yet important path. It will also provide people in general with a better understanding about the issues so many face on a daily basis."
Jo Naughton
Author, International Speaker and Co-Pastor, Harvest Church London


Lost Down Memory Lane is a terrific read and provides an eye opening insight into the highs and lows of caring for a loved one suffering with Dementia.

Added to this moving story is a truly compelling back story which turns what would be a good book into a great book. I didn't know quite what to expect when I read it, but I can honesty say it surpassed all my expectations and then some. A good mixture of both humour and pathos left me wanting to read and read. There was always the creeping tension of how the story would end which is sustained by being wonderfully written.

Strongly recommend.

Richard Hough

A must read. This book has been wonderfully written, very heartfelt. Its full of happy and painful emotions from life's experiences. This author is very gifted in her writing. would encourage her to write another book! as I couldn't put this one down.

A very well written and honest account of what happened in Dawn's journey down memory lane with her mother.
This book is for readers who think their loved one may have Alzheimers, for readers who are living with someone with Alzheimers and for readers who have coped and got through the journey with a loved one with Alzheimers.
For myself it brought back memories of when I was looking after my mother with the disease and what I am going through again with my father at this time. Whilst reading I laughed, cried and remembered. I couldn't read the book quickly enough.
I wish Dawn good luck with her book which gives advice and inspiration and above all, raises awareness of what our unsung heroes are living through daily.

Sue Kelly

Anyone who has come in contact with the dreadful brain diseases of Alzheimer's and Dementia should read this book. Abused and ill treated as a child, Dawn Fanshawe's strong Christian belief overcame any bitterness which many would have felt. Relying heavily on her faith, she rides out a storm, which no one would wish to be found in. This is a well written story, telling how Dawn's mother at a relatively young age, succumbed to the scourge of Alzheimer's. It graphically recounts how Dawn, struggles to balance the needs of her immediate family along with the increasing needs of her mother. The author clearly lays bare a deep love for her mother, fragmented by an ever increasing awareness of her diminishing abilities to continue to care for her at home. This is a book I will never forget.

There is a very useful appendix detailing where carers can find help if faced by the situation Dawn Fanshawe found herself in.


Mike Kelley M.S.E. - Training Manager Canadian Occidental Oil Co. (Retired) Author, Public Speaker and Charity Trustee

What a great read... It was both moving and thought-provoking... I was transported on your incredible journey. Thank you.

Angela Turi


"I read the whole book within 4 days of receiving it, I couldn’t put it down, I wanted to know  what was happening next and how it would end.

It is a truly powerful way of writing, it holds you totally absorbed throughout as you go into all the situations being described by the Author.  It is bravely written and her courage is to be greatly admired.   

A great testimony of the power of love in action and truly inspirational.

Hopefully this book will be of great help and encouragement to everyone, but specially so to those looking after someone suffering with Alzheimer's"

Ana Oterohfl

You will find this book hard to put down, but you may find it difficult to read. The author's brave recount of past abuses and present heartbreak provide a poignant contrast to the grace and love shown to her mother in the grip of Alzheimer's. A book to remember long after you have read the final page.

Helen Hubbard

Dawn Fanshawe's book is a truly moving story of pain, healing and forgiveness. A compelling read, impossible to put down. I entered into the carer and cared for's pain as the story developed with intensity. How very vulnerable are those suffering from dementia or any other mental illness and how much are the carer at the mercy of those making decisions beyond their control. The road taken by those who suffer this dreadful disease is long and difficult, not only for themselves, but also for those who love and care for them. This bookhighlights so many issues, along with a great deal of practical advice and information.

Anne O'Kane

This is an honest and compelling account of Dawn's journey caring for her mother with early onset Alzheimer's Disease.

It is simply and beautifully written, informative (without baffling us with science), funny, sad, tender and inspiring.

I am reminded that 'love' is a choice...! Dawn chose to love her mum through the heart-achingly difficult stages of this most cruel disease, grappling with the medical and social apects, whilst dealing with her own life and its ups and downs.

Her personal faith in a loving God, gave her the strength and grace to persevere, to forgive and to love her mum sacrificially.

Dawn's ability to see the "funny side" and her willingness to dance again and again to Elvis helped to keep the spirit of Avril alive and her dignity intact. Glimpses of the real Avril shine from these pages, as does the love of a precious daughter to a precious mother.

A fitting tribute to you both.

I continue to be amazed and inspired by the many carers who love unconditionally behind closed doors. Thank you for writing this book.

Marion Collins

I cared for my late husband who had parkinsons disease... throughout Dawn's book, as she relates her own caring experience, caring for a loved one, I feel carers of loved ones with diseases such as parkinsons could well benefit from reading the book as some dementia symptoms are like parkinsons and epilepsy.


The message to all who read Dawn's books as she relates with honesty and compassion and the tlc she gave her dementing mum until her mum's last breath, should inspire all carers of loved ones with its message of hope, faith, love and patience - but above all, faith....

Christine Touhig

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