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Dawn Fanshawe


Dawn Fanshawe lives in Nottingham, England where she grew up and lived until she was 19. She then worked for two years in Germany as an Au Pair, before doing a degree in Education and Art in London. For 15 years Dawn was as an Early Years Teacher / Foundation-Stage Manager in London. Dawn remains passionate about education and was a School Governor for over 20 years and a County Governor for the NHS in Nottinghamshire.


As a student, she worked as a care assistant in many Elderly & Mentally Infirm homes across London, and in 2006 she brought her mother - who was at the time living on a remote island in the Orkney Isles and had early onset Alzheimer's Disease - to live with her in her new family home in Nottingham. At this point Dawn became her mother’s full-time carer which was to turn her life around in so many ways.


Contact with mental illness has been integral to Dawn’s life and relationships; as a child she suffered abuse at the hands of her parents and this had long-reaching implications for herself. Dealing with the challenge of caring for her mother as she became more and more incapacitated by dementia has been a big part of her own journey of healing, forgiveness and self-discovery.


More recently Dawn ran her own photography business in Nottingham and is a trustee for a Nottinghamshire charity looking to help disadvantaged families and children in her neighbourhood; she was also actively involved in the NHS Involvement Strategy.


A key part of Dawn’s life is her Christian faith and her active involvement within her local church community. Dawn’s other passions include learning and speaking languages, travelling, reading, writing, photography and gardening. Dawn’s mission is to become fully the person she was created to be and feels she is on a life-time adventure of healing, loving and seeking to become the change she wants to see in the world. She feels blessed with her family, friends and the community around her.


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